Renaming a module causes IDEA to create invalid *run* classpath

IDEA 7.0.2, running on Windows XP, JDK 6.

Whenever I try to rename a module by either:

selecting the .IML and doing a Rename
selecting the module folder in idea and selecting Rename

I end up with IDEA building the run classpath incorrectly. Lets assume I have a module in a directory called myModule but I want to call the module "My Module" instead. Once I rename the module IDEA uses the module name instead of the directory name in the run classpath. It only appears to do this when the module is renamed.

Note that the compiler path seems to be fine and the project builds without incident. Is this a bug?


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I'm not sure which one of the following worked but, I now have IDEA working again:

closed down IDEA.
Renamed the module file to match the directory
deleted the output in out/production and out/test for the module
restarted IDEA.

Module now builds correctly.


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