create fresh and new project files for better performance

Although I have always loved how through the EAP process I can jump from one release to an other with limited impact on my work process I have experienced something recently that everyone should do and that Intellij should ALWAYS make sure that user reporting issues do: re-create your project/modules.

I moved to 7.0.3 yesterday and IDEA became absolutely unusable. CPU usage was oscillating between 20-60%(Fedora 6 - 2ghz 64bit dual core - 2 gigs ram) and memory usage was climbing up to 800 MB within a couple of minutes of starting up.

I cleared out the system dir. This did not help.

I removed all my latest plug-in additions because they are often the culprits when IDEA performance goes down the drain. This did not help.

I have taken the time to re-build my project/module. And badda-bing stability is back!

This is something I often forget and I think many forget to do... specially the EAPers who may have dragged IDEA 6.0 project/module files through the process.

I wonder if back-wards compatibility of module/project files is an explicit feature or just something IDEA does a best-effort on. Anybody know?

Recently I noticed a number of forums going on about performance. So I am contributing this tip. Users: try it before you complain, IDEA: don't forget to get users to try this.


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