How swapping classes + automatic refresh of JSPs with IDEA + WebLogic?

Question: Using IDEA 7.0.2 and WebLogic 10.3 TP, how do I configure the two so that:

1. Updates to class files in IDEA are instantly loaded in WebLogic without needing a re-deploy (how swapping), and:

2. Updates to JSP files are recognized immediately by WebLogic and are recompiled with a browser refresh, without needing to re-deploy the application.

Background: I'm new to IDEA and WebLogic and so far I'm really liking the two, however I'm from the WSAD world where a lot of configuration is done for you "under the covers". I'm working on a prototype web app for a new client and it would be very helpful if I could see class and JSP updates reflected instantly in the server without having to re-deploy, similar to how WSAD works out of the box.

I've tried using both the "Weblogic.Deployer" and "Auto deploy" options, and also tried "Create web module exploded directory:" without success, of course maybe I'm using those options incorrectly or pointing to the wrong path.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks much folks!

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