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What do you mean?

Valentin Kipiatkov
JetBrains, Inc
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"Bryan Young" <BryanYoung@scruffles.net> wrote in message

Does anyone know when we should expect local cvs to be enabled again?

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Valentin Kipiatkov wrote:

What do you mean?

He's probably talking about the "local" type of CVS server/CVSROOT. If
it's to be used with the new CVS module, it apparently requires
reimplementing the whole CVS server in Java so I wouldn't hold my breath.

The workaround, which I used, was to install the CVSNT server and switch
to pserver CVS instead. It required some manual editing in my CVS/Root
files but other than that it worked fine.


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This doesn't work if you're using an AFS filesystem to hold your repository; the server runs in a different security context to you, so you can't access any remote files.

You can get around this problem by running a program that listens on the pserver port, and runs cvs with the pserver command. I wrote a trivial little program to to do this; I need to wrap it up as an Application plug in, then I'll post it if there's interest.

Note that the cvs program you use must support server mode; this should be true for all unix implementations, but isn't true for the regular wincvs executable. The version of cvs supplied with cygwin does support pserver, but has problems writing rcs lockfiles to afs, as it attempts to write to a temporary file that it creates in write only mode, but which it chmods to not have any write permissions.

This can be fixed by patching the rcs_internal_lockfile routine to grant user write permissions; this doesn't really hurt, since AFS is supposed to be taking care of all the access control stuff.


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