Ctrl-Shift-Enter comments

I like the EAP version of Ctrl-Shift-Enter over the Ariadna version.
But I have one niggle: at the moment Ctrl-Shift-Enter completes a line
and reformats it according to your code style - but only if it needs
to be completed. If the line doesn't need to be completed, the
reformatting doesn't get done and you get a blank line instead.

An example - our corporate code style specifies a space before
parentheses. However due to bug #53
these don't get inserted when using auto-completion. So I usually resort
to doing something like this:
which gives
myObject.callMethod ();

Of course, sometimes I do
which gives me a blank line that I then have to delete, then delete the
last semi-colon so that ctrl-shift-enter does what I'm expecting.

So can we have either
a) a fix for the oldest outstanding bug or
b) <ctrl-shift-enter> that always reformats the line you're on

Pretty please?

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