Which tools do JetBrains use for automated GUI testing?

I am curious whether JetBrains (or anyone else) does automated GUI testing and whether they use any tools for it.

I am considering to use Abbot myself. http://abbot.sourceforge.net/

It seems to be the most mature JUnit extension that does GUI testing, but sofar I still found it to be a bit clunky.

BTW, any plans to support GUI testing for UI generated with the UI Designer?


EAP-ers... (you and me) ;o)


We are using jemmy over here: http://jemmy.netbeans.org
I only had a quick glance at Abbot, but it seems to use the same concepts. However Abbot can record scripts, that you can edit later on.
I'd very much like to here from anyone who has experience with Abbot...


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