Why does my project consider my java jre as modified?

Something is causing IDEA to spend a lot of time doing its "Updating Modified Files" thing parsing my JDK's ( Java 6 - but NOT IDEA's ) rt.jar on ( as far as I can tell ) any activity that results in a new timestamp on ANY class file.
It's a small project - a webapp with webservice and code that consumes a wimilar webservice. These are built by a hand made ant script - and generates/compiles files from the wsdl on each build, but I don't understand why IDEA would need to reparse all of rt.jar

I may have gotten some IDEA settings wrong, but can't find any likely suspect.
I've been using IDEA since 3.x and am very happy with it, but this is really annoying.
Thanks for any help,
George McKinney

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