Compile one file at a time

I've been using IntelliJ for a long time. And it used to be that I could leave the "Make" option checked and compiled a file, it would just compile that one file (and possibly any files which that class referenced, and that changed) when I ran an executable. However, with more recent versions of IntelliJ (6?+) this has quit working as I expect. Now it seems leaving "Make" checked on an executable makes the entire project, then verifies resources (ejb-jar.xml, web.xml, etc.), and does a bunch of other stuff. If anything in the make process fails, the compile fails (even if the compilation of that particular file (and it's dependencies) actually succeeded) and I can not run the executable. This is becoming quit frustrating because I have to deselect "Make" on every executable that I might want to run. And then I have to remember to compile the executable before I run it.

So, my question is, is there a way to configure IntelliJ to compile just the one file and not the entire project when I run an executable?

The way it is now is very Eclipse-like. And this particular "feature" is the biggest reason why I despise Eclipse. If IntelliJ is going to continue becoming more and more Eclipse like, then there is no reason to continue paying for IntelliJ, I might as well download the free Eclipse and just deal with all the "features" that I hate so much about Eclipse.

So, my second question is, will IntelliJ continue to become more and more like that crap heap Eclipse? If so, tell me now so I don't waste my money on the next version of IntelliJ.


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