Question about file includes and imports

At my work, we break files down into a lot of includes. Here is a simple example.

view.jsp has the following:



<%@ include file="init.jsp" %>

List list = new ArrayList();




<%@ page import="java.util.List" %>

So intellij gives me a error for view.jsp saying I need to import java.util.List, but it is in fact there it's just included from another file.

So far as I can tell we do this about 4 levels deep, as to keep page size small.

So we could have something like,



view includes init and entries
entries includes entry_content

the reason for this is:

the includes could be huge, thus it's kindof nice to have them separated.
entries has a loop that displays all entries, so it's nice in the loop for have just a single include so it's easy to debug.

While this works, my screen looks like it's bleeding every time I open any of the jsps except init, because none of the includes are found.

My question is this:

Is there a current way to make this work in idea (7.0m1b)?
If not, where can I put in a feature request?

Just FYI, I do have a valid license for IDEA.

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Actually, I may be crazy. It now seems to be including the direct init stuff... maybe just not many levels down? Also, some of our stuff is done in taglib's and while it seems some it doesn't see all.

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you might wanna check :
- the web facet settings related to the mapping of web resource directories.
- or click on hector (the inspector guy in the status bar) it has a some settings about the File Context (I however don't know if that is already available in 7m1b)

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After playing with facets for a bit I got it all working... now I love intellij even more!


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