How to prevent deletion of the output directory in the system folder

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first of all happy new year.

I am quite new to Idea and are currently developing a Seam/Hibernate application running in a Tomcat 5 server. Since I merged my project files with the ones of a coworker the application's work directory in the Idea system folder is being re-created on each debug session, i.e. the old directory is deleted and then created again. Thus I can not create a log folder for the log4j files anymore and log4j won't create them on its own. Is there an option which controls if the working directory in the system folder is being re-created or not?

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Problem solved. It must have been a problem with the Tomcat configuration files. After having re-installed Tomcat 5.5.17, removing the server configuration from Idea and setting up a new server configuration using the new installation everything went back to normal.


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