GWT question

I am following the video on developing a GWT application. This is a question for anyone who's done the same. I am using 7.0.2 build 7590.

I follow the steps EXACTLY but get no love; more specifically I get:

The development shell servlet received a request for 'ImageViewer/ImageService' in module 'ImageViewer'

Resource not found: ImageViewer/ImageService

It's obvious from the video that the GWT plug-in has changed since it was made, as has the GWT itself if gwt.xml, in my case, ImageViewer.gwt.xml, is to be believed. The details of gwt.xml generated now by the plugin are different than those generated by the plugin now.

So obviously we have a collision of versions.. I have some version X of GWT itself and some version Y of the plugin in and a video which documents how to use version A of the GWT with version B of the plug in and any of those could conflict in any way.

That's why I'm asking if anyone has gotten that example to work with :

IntelliJ 7.0.2 build 7590
(and JDK 1.6.2 though that should not matter)


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