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Vladimir Kondratyev

Jens Voss wrote:

Aurora, build 887 is available at http://www.intellij.net/eap.

Changes in build 887 from 876
- EJB. EJB support is not functional in this build. Please do not report EJB
related bugs.
- Editor. Quickfix to rename file when class name and file name do not
- Editor. Highlighting escape characters inside string literals.
- Editor. Syntax highlighting for operators, different braces, etc. (not
enabled by default, see IDE Options | Colors)
- Editor. Syntax highlighting for class names and interface names. (not
enabled by default, see IDE Options | Colors)
- Editor. Option for folding simple accessors (getters&setters).
- Editor. Externalizable class without default public constructor is marked
as error.
- Editor. Quickfix for variable initializer redundant inspection.
- Editor. Quickfix for creating constant from unknown usage.
- Code Formatter. Option for adding braces for "if/else" and other
constructs with single statement.
- UI. Special icon for Java files outside source path.
- CVS. Sorting in file history view.

View complete list of bugs fixed here:

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I've set up a mailing list to which notifications are sent automatically when a new EAP is available.

To subscribe please send a mail with the subject "subscribe" (without the quotes) to idea-watch-request@freelists.org or you can go to http://www.freelists.org/cgi-bin/list?list_id=idea-watch and subscribe from there.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When subscribing, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail message that you have to reply to in order to successfully subscribe to the list. Since this message has a specific form and depends upon linebreaks among other things, users that are using email clients that automatically remove extra line breaks (such as M$ Outlook) must somehow restore the linebreaks that were removed (in Outlook you can do this by clicking on the little information header that appears notifying you that extra line breaks were removed) before you reply to the message.

The list has been set up so that subscriber email addresses are not displayed on the WWW. Furthermore, the list is restricted so that a password needs to be supplied in order to post to the list. I have no affiliation with http://www.freelists.org and I do not know if they run a trustworthy business. I will not accept any responsibility if they decide to start selling their email address lists!

You will only receive messages announcing new EAP builds on this mailing list!

I hope this comes in handy for someone because it took me a good while to set this up ;o)



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