Corporate Build System Suggestion

I am trying to get my company to switch to a consistent build system. I need something that can build many different separate modules from different source repositories that have dependencies with each other. I need to document each build to record what build version of what dependencies were used. It needs to be cross platform and support Java and C/C++.

It sounds like Maven does most of this? Does anybody have any experience with Maven? Any comments about it? Can it be used with C/C++?

Any off the shelf commerical build systems that work better?

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Maven is great for handling dependencies like that. What I like most about Maven is that it is very easy to start developing a new project - Maven automatically downloads the library dependencies and almost no development environment configuration is needed. When the POMs and plugins have been properly configured (may require a bit of effort when you have little previous experience), you can get all the project output files with just one command. Here are some of the Maven plugins that I've found useful:

I don't have personal experience about using C/C++ with Maven, but I believe you can do it with this plugin:


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