application.xml error?

I have an EAR project properly configured with the web-uri and context-root values required for my war file. It appears that from time to time, idea creates a 2nd entry in this file with a different module id, but pointing to the same war file. However, it creates two context-root entries, one empty and one which matches the configuration entry:

max-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war /AdminApp max-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war Max ]]>

during deployment to jboss, the EAR file is rejected due to the multiple context roots in the application.xml file. I then have to edit the file manually to remove the faulty entry and recompile the EAR.

Is there a configuration setting that would get IDEA to quite corrupting this file? If not is there at least a way to have it create a proper entry, without the dual context-root entries?


Please file a JIRA issue


I had similar problem, I have my own application.xml file, but Idea was modifying it on its own, and at the end I had duplicate entries there.

I have solved it by making the file read only (and remember to redo it after checking out the file from CVS :-).

I am not sure if Idea 7 has still this problem, I encountered it in Idea 6


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