JUnit run dependency within IDEA

I need to find a way to run JUnit tests which do not follow the convention for naming functions 'test', but rather dynamicly does everything in a single MyDynamicTest.run(TestResult result)

1) It seems that implementations of junit.framework.Test cannot be run, but rather TestCase & TestSuite specialisations.

2) If I try to just call result.addFalure in the run method, the JUnit runner complains that I am failing on the wrong test.

Is the IntelliJ TestRunner implementation source available?
What conventions must I follow in my run method to provide understandable feedback to the JUnit runner window?



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According to the jUnit javadoc the following test should be an acceptable unit test case.

public class TestInfo extends TestCase {
public void runTest() {
fail("no good");

But IDEA seems to assert that there must be functions starting with test.


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