Problem when starting with no network connection

I've been having a problem with IntelliJ IDEA. If I start the IDE when my computer is not connected to the network, it only loads my .ipr and .iws but doesn't show any of my projects java files. Also the maven pane is blank.

It works fine if i start IntelliJ while my computer has a network connection.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there a fix or a work around as I need to do some coding while my laptop is offline.


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not sure if this will solve your problem but have you clicked the "work offline" button on maven panel ?

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Like Thibaut implied, I think you're having this problem because you:
- Use Maven projects
- Do not use IDEA project and module files.

I use Maven but I always configure IDEA to create regular project and module files, that must be synchronized manually (by clicking on a button). This allows me to:
- Fool around with my pom.xml files until they work within IDEA, without breaking my current view. (Try saving a buggy pom.xml and you'll see what I mean.)
- Receive notifications when some other project member has changed the POMs. In that case my IDEA Make simply breaks (easily solved by clicking the 'synchronize' button). I prefer it this way because I want to know precisely what happens.
- Work offline ;)


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