How to open Hibernate console?

I use Hibernate as JPA provider.
There's a JPA facet plus a Hibernate facet configured, but in Hibernate facet settings, there currently is no configured descriptor (because the persistence.xml is all I need).

After some searching I found that I can open the HQL console in project toolwindow/EE view, context menu on the persistence unit.

However all I get when I try to execute a query is
"org.hibernate.HibernateException: Hibernate Dialect must be explicitly set"

Do I have to add an (otherwise unused) hibernate.cfg.xml to the Hibernate facet?
Shouldn't it be able to use the persistence.xml configured in the JPA facet?
Won't the hibernate.cfg.xml get deployed and may affect my application at runtime?
Why isn't there a more obvious way to open the HQL Console (like an explicit entry in "Tools" menu)?

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