Multi monitor mess-up

Hi All,
I am trying out the IDEA 7.0.1 release. I have a multi monitor setup at work. I had IDEA full screen on the secondary monitor (LCD) while my primary is my laptop. I shut down my laptop and started it at home albeit without the LCD. Now I see IDEA started as a program but now I am not able to view it. The dual- monitor support is off.
When IDEA starts all the startup dialogs are displayed on the laptop screen, then i see an icon in the task bar but i am not able to reach it. I tried "Move" but doesnt work. I rebooted the laptop but same. I tried reinstalling BUT it still seems to be displaying on the non-existent 2nd screen. I have an older version 6.0 and even that is working the same way.
I tried registry cleanup too but zilch. I have seen this happen with another file manager program called FreeManager. I had to let it go and uninstalled it.
The only option is that when I go back to work, I need to relocate IDEA to the laptop screen before shutting down but this is hacky!
I have a Dell Latitude D630. Any info you need from my side for diagnosing? Now I am using Eclipse in the meanwhile... :(


Click Idea icon in the task bar to restore (if it is minimized), than
Alt-Space, than letter M, than the arrow key to move Idea into view.


I tried that already. Its the strangest thing, I cant get it back to this screen.I see the move cursor activated. I try to bring it to the center.. and nothing happens.


I have the same setup: dual monitor at work, laptop only at home. I
frequently leave Idea on secondary display, but never had any problem to
move it back to view.
I realize that this will not help you.


I would also like to add that I had both- Eclipse and IDEA 7.0.1 displaying on the 2nd monitor. When I started the laptop without the 2nd monitor, I do get Eclipse still working properly i.e. displaying on the laptop but no luck with IDEA.


I have also a multi monitor setup at work - but my LCD is my primary monitor and laptop monitor is secondary monitor. Even if I started IDEA on LCD at work: At home IDEA is displayed on my laptop monitor (this is now primary).

Just a note about my setting.

Another Hint:

The IDEA option file other.xml (on Win XP under C:\Documents and Settings\]]>\.IntelliJIdea70\config\options\other.xml ) contains a section "DimensionService" it looks like this component holds the last position of IDEA components. Maybe it helps deleting this section?


Sun provide a code sample that can be used to find out the virtual screen dimensions. We use this to check if saved window positions are off the current virtual screen (as will happen if windows configured for a 2nd screen are opened on a single screen device). If the windows are offscreen, they can easily be translated onscreen.

Here's my version of the relevant code:

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Hi Robert,
Thanks for the ideas. I tried deleting the xml snippet in others.xml. But that unfortunately messes with the startup, atleast in my situation. Then IDEA 7 would not start up.
I then uninstalled IDEA. I changed my multi-monitor setup with LCD being primary. Then I installed IDEA (note that I had kept my cache and other settings). But NO luck!

I have now uninstalled IDEA again, this time I have cleaned up everything. Will see how things turn out.


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