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I am ashamed for this question, but I need help. Please give the idea how to implement gui designer.
I have a constructPanel in the center of my JFrame. I can add and remove components into it, I can move it and resize it. The thing I need is to catch all mouse and keyboard events then mouse is over this panel. For example if I add button on panel, I want to redirect mouse click on button to constructPanel so button will not click.
Currently I'm using glassPane trick to redispath every events to constructPanel when mouse is over it, or to underlying component otherwise (like here: But it doesn't work very well.
Any help or idea will be appreciated.
I have similar topic here (in russian):

Zemlyaki,vy zhe megamozgi, pomogite plz

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Deady wrote:

Zemlyaki,vy zhe megamozgi, pomogite plz

Not exactly your countryman, but will try to help.
Get an open source form-designer application and take a look how this is
done. E.g.:

Good luck!


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