Specify Alternative javac Compiler in jar File

Hi everyone:

I have written a modified javac compiler and generated a jar file for it. On the command line, I can use it just like the regular javac, except that I have to invoke it using "java -jar xajavac.jar ]]>".

Is there any way I can instruct IDEA to invoke the compiler in that jar file instead of the javac in a JDK?

Or could I create a "fake JDK" that contains my modified compiler instead of the original?

Thanks for your help.

By the way, if anyone is curious, my modified compiler slightly extends the Java grammar and allows subtyping for annotations. More information, including the compiler and the source code can be found on my website at:


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To help myself out, I have now created a copy of the JDK and modified the tools.jar file that contains the compiler. Now I can use my compiler from within IDEA.

It would still be nice to know if I've overlooked something in IDEA that would allow me to invoke a different compiler without having to change the tools.jar file.



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