BeanShell woes

Having a few problems running BeanShell from IDEA. First of all if I create a beanshell console & shell from an IDEA run config. Then I try to cut & paste code from an IDEA editor into Beanshell I get this exception (in beanshell):

Something going on with the editors flavours and intellij runner?

To avoid this I've tried running my beanshell from an ant script. This works by forking & spawning an java process (]]> task). However I'm finding if I use the option "close message view if no error occurred" which makes sense as beanshell will capture std in & out. After the target runs IDEA goes into a tailspin consuming memory at 100% cpu. Have to kill the idea.exe process and restart the IDE. Dosen't happen if I don't close automatically, but its a pain to close the messages & ant tool panels each & every time. Suppose I could create a custom tool to run the ant script.. but this is getting like the old lady that swallowed a fly.

Any takers?

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BTW just tried adding idea.jar to the beanshell classpath (bit big for just those classes ~ shouldnt they be in the runner _rt jar?). Now the shell actually errors and exits on paste with a

Yes it's a JDK 5.0 project.

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Oh, as I was debugging this I took spawn off my ant java target (trying to see the exception before the shell quits). After killing the ant messages tool in IDEA the IDE has gone bye, bye again - just like the "close on no errors" problem above. Back to taskmanager kill idea.exe. I guess spawn and fork from Ant still aren't fully supported in 7.0.1 (or at least likely to crash the IDE).


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