Request for debugger enhancements

I'd really like the ability to right-click on an object in the debugger stack frame, watch list, or inspector and be able to jump to the declaration of whatever I'm looking at. For example, if I'm looking a JButton, I'd like to be able to jump to If I'm looking at the "mnemonic" field I would like to be able to jump to its declaration in Is there a tracker request for this already?

I'd like the above, but what I'd like even more is for the open API to be open enough that I could implement this feature myself as a plugin. The reason is with my APIs there are a variety of other things I'd like to do in the same vein that are specific to my APIs.

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Whoops, I didn't notice "Edit Source" before. My mistake. However, I'd still like ability to hook into this in my own plugin, but that request would be better suited to the Open API forum. Sorry.


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