svn compare with branch

I still haven't been able to get subversion compare with branch to work.

I recall there being a switch somewhere that makes the version control
processes log what it is they are trying to do. Can somebody point me to
the switch?

Also, is there any documentation for this? I'm not sure if IDEA is
making assumptions on how a multi-module project is laid out on disk or
in the repository.


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Actually, I can probably figure this out if somebody can just tell me
what the error message means:
Couldn't find repository location for file
'/path/to/project/module/src/file' under branch

How is the actual repository location calculated?

My iml,iws, ipr files are in /path/to/project. /path/to/project/module
is where I have one module checked out. I set up an entry in the version
control dialog for module. If I edit my project settings, I have a
module named Module and the content root is /path/to/project/module
(this matches what's in the version control directory dialog).

Is something configured in an unusual way here? When I try to "compare
with branch" on /path/to/project/module/src/file, where is it going to
be looking in subversion? I would think it would be
/branches/branchOfIntereset/module/src/file (and that is indeed there).



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