Finding string references in a project

I have a list of strings (>1,000 ) which I need to find if they are being used in the current project. Does anyone know a way I could do this aside from doing a manual "find in path" for each one which would take almost 2 days and would be prone to errors as I don't want to flag a string as unused by mistake.

Thanks ... James

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To me, that does not sound like a job for an IDE.

Script it in the shell using egrep (it has recursive directory search and either include or exclude filters on file names). You might be able to do it all in one shot using the regular expression alternation syntax. Be sure to watch out for RE metacharacters in your target strings and escape them if necessary.

Randall Schulz

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It occurred to me a moment later that there's another grep (not egrep, per se) option that's even better suited to your needs, the -F option:


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