Output window doesn't stay scrolled to bottom in IDEA 7.0?

Maybe I'm just missing a setting somewhere, but I can't get the output tab to stay scrolled at the bottom.

In other words, when I run my app (or a test, or whatever), the log output starts pouring into the output tab at the bottom of the IDE. But instead of the tab scrolling along and showing the latest output (like Unix's "tail -f" would do), the scrollbar stays put at the top, showing the first (and usually least interesting) lines only.

How can I recover this functionality? It is frustrating to have to manually scroll to the bottom, where the interesting parts (test pass/fail, errors, stacktraces, etc.), every single time.

C Grayson
Austin, TX

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What I've experienced is if you put the cursor to the bottom of the console it keeps scrolling, and stops when you move the cursor away, which I appreciate a lot, as it lets me read at my own pace when I notice something interesting


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