Dependency Analysis shows nothing in detail view for some classes

I am referring to the UI for the Analyze-->Dependencies.

I am checking for (forward) dependencies from Class A. It shows me I have a dependency for Class B and Class C (this information appears in the right pane).

When I click on Class B in the right pane, in the lower pane the actual lines of code in Class A which create a dependency with Class B appear. When I do the same thing for Class C, nothing appears.

I am not sure if this is an error or is meant to represent something, perhaps a transitive dependency or something? Manual inspection shows that Class C is not referenced in Class A, but Class C IS referenced from Class B.

That's as clear as I can express that!

If you read it, it actually does make sense!!!!

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IRC, Analyze dependencies shows only direct dependencies. In your case: A uses B which uses C. If you would select class A in the left panel, then only B should appear on the right panel. If it is not (which you've described) than (imho) it's an issue.

I have tried to reproduce this for the exact A-B-C case, but it worked correctly (build 7348).


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Thanks ! There was a transitive dependency there in the case of A depending on C, but I wasn't sure if it was being represented or not.


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