looking for comments on possible request

I'm thinking about submitting a request for functionality that would be
useful to me and I'd like a little feedback first.

We have several thousand junits and of course I run them before and
after I make a change. I would like some way to compare two runs and
find the differences between two runs. I'm really only interested in
which tests are now passing that were failing, and formerly working
tests that I've broke.

Is there some way to already do this? Is it something that would be
generally useful? I'm always hesitant to request new features because I
don't particularly want IDEA to get bloated. If there is some way to do
this external to IDEA, please let me know.


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I know it's not a Jetbrains product, but Bamboo is also pretty good. It seems you're looking more for a continous build server than an IDE extension. However, I do believe Jetbrains have integrated TeamCity pretty well with IntelliJ, so it might be worthwhile to check it out!

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Robert Gibson wrote:


While I appreciate the suggestion to use a continuous build product, it
seems like overkill for the particular problem that I'm trying to solve.
I'm part of a larger team and I'm not in the position to force a change
on everybody else.

I'm just looking for a way to get the pass/fail log in a format that I
can use for comparison. It would be nice if I could select all of the
first results, copy to clipboard, select all of the second results and
compare with the clipboard.



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