Maven integration the same as mvn command line with idea plugin?

So does the idea maven integration use the same algorithm to come up with the order of dependencies for any given module?

I'm finding that when I use it I've got a module dependency that has a dependency on an earlier version of a jar it will end up using that in preference to an explicit more recent version of that jar defined by the "parent" module or the module that has the dependency to another module which depends on an earlier version of the jar.

module A depends on module B

module A depends on jar version 2 directly

module B depends on jar version 1 directly

when compiling module A it will see version 1 jar first because module B dependency defaults to very early in the list of dependencies for module A long before the explicit dependency for jar version 2. (Also is the dependency to module B is defined as an artifact ie. prebuilt jar I don't believe I see the same behavour)

So, is the order of dependencies just a best guess or does it attempt to mimic the same order that mvn idea:idea would generate?

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