message-resources parameter showing up as error in struts-config build 7126

I'm not sure if this a bug or not - been searching bug tracker and I see various things about in version 6 that are closed.

In my struts-config I have:

<message-resources parameter="ApplicationResources" />

and IDEA is complaining that it can not resolve symbol ApplicationResources.

I have ApplicationResources defined as in a resources folder and its working fine in the build. I also tried just changing the name to and it's still flagged as not resolvable.

Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing ?

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Do you have the file in the root package of your sources? Also, what
variants does IDEA suggest you?

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No, it is not in the root package of my sources. I have the file located in a directory called "resources" that it outside of the source directory. (My build script later on puts the correct files in my classes dir.)

Is there a way I can tell IDEA to use a directory outside of sources?

(Also, It doesn't give me any variants as suggestions.)

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No, unfortunately not (yet). Simply mark "/resources/" as additional source path in your module.


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