Maven has 1011 votes, 30 voters

The Maven Request#2573 has 1011 votes, but only 30 voters. (figured out using filter on # voters).

I find it amazing that this feature is the #8 most requested. In general, I'm very suspicious of any
request for 3rd party integration.

I don't think Negative Votes is necessarily the answer, though.

I think JetBrains could improve things by making the voting more transparent.
1) Display # voters in addition to # of votes.
2) Let us see the list of voter's user names so we can visit their User Profile. A quick look at the User Profile can usually tell alot. For exmaple, did half the voters all register the same day?
3) Let us see everything someone voted for.

Another idea is to allow people to make a oneline comment with their votes. This makes it harder for people to fake votes, and also lets you see why people voted for it.

Maven (1011 votes, 30 voters)

Voting For:
Jerry 100 votes "I use Maven and want it in IntelliJ"
Jorg 75 votes "Maven is good!"
Ivan 100 votes ""
Jorg2 100 votes ""

I would like to see some form of Negative votes, but
not counted against the for votes. It would be interesting to just have a list of voters who are against the request. But I think most of the time people are against a request just because they won't benefit from it, and therefore they want JetBrains to be working on something else. But still it might be interesting to see.


Voting Against:
Alex "Don't use it."
Bob "JetBrains should be working on XYZ instead."
Erik "Use ANT!"
Dave "Never heard of it."

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