How do I move installation and local history files to another machine?


Hi all,

I'm in a bit of a tight spot (to say the least) after my laptop crashed a couple of days back. I got a new computer yesterday and have re-installed IntelliJ on it, as well as restoring my project files.

The only difference (that I can see) is that the project is now located in the c:\dev\ folder compared to the d:\dev\ folder and that IntelliJ is now installed on the c:\ drive on my new machine. I have restored my old IntelliJ settings files in the "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\.IntelliJIdea60" folder where they were located before.

The problem is that all local history is lost for my project files?! I don't know what I have missed or have done wrong. Perhaps there is a correct or better, documented way to move/restore IntelliJ installations/projects with the local history intact?

I hope there is a helpful soul out there who can help me out?


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I would also like to know this since I find myself in the same situation


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