EJB 3 support suggestions

I was trying out version 6.0.5, but I thought there was EJB3 support in this version. It turns out that it is really more like EJB2 plus some annotation support, but I just wanted to provide a bit of input and was told that this is the place to do so.

I expect and hope that 7 has this already, but I found it very difficult to simply create a session bean with a business interface. There should be an option to either create or generate a business interface from the bean class. The interface should by default include all of the public methods, and be specified to be local or remote. The class would then implement the interface and the @Remote annotation be added if necessary.

Also, the "name" attributes should not appear in the @Stateless annotations by default. They are optional and should only appear if I explicitly set the name. The name should be optionally specified in the creation wizard and default to the unqualified name of the bean class. In general, annotations should not be present when they are just specifying defaults, and should not include default attributes unless they are explicitly specified by the user. Including them just clutters the code with unnecessary annotations.

I should be able to add a new Entity to EJB modules from the "New" menu (JEE view). Actually, I should be able to do that from Web modules as well. Adding an entity may cause it to be added to the persistence.xml only if I am developing for an SE target, not for an in-container target.

Anyway, I expect that 7.0 will have more and better support but these are just a few high order suggestions from what I saw after trying it out for a little bit :)

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