How can I avoid Tomcat reload/restarts anytime I modify a js/css/jsp file

Ideally anytime I change a js/css/jsp file, IntelliJ would automatically copy it (or "package file") it over to tomcat for the webapp to pickup the change.

Eclipse had a way to configure tomcat to point to the static files in my svn project.

Someone suggested to manually hit "package file" anytime the file is touched and this would copy the file over to tomcat without restarting the server. This works but is way too cumbersome and easy to forget.

Any way to configure IntelliJ to auto copy/package file for js/css/jsp files and/or have tomcat point to the live files?

Unfortuntely our servers take too long to startup over our VPN and js developers need to test small incremental changes to the js/css file all the time.


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this looks similar to this thread I just replied to

I agree with you though there should be a way to automatically copy over these files. But the solution I suggested in the other thread has worked pretty well for me so far. I too came from Eclipse. I actually like IDEA, but Eclipse did have some nice features lacking in IDEA.


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