IDEA 7.0M2 change causes extra files to be included in project?

I've noticed that IDEA 7.0M2 has a change which causes extra files to be included as part of the project. It now appears to include all files which reside in the same directory as the project/module files.

This is a real problem for me because I keep all my project/module files in the same directory. The actual project roots are kept elsewhere. This setup scheme is a holdover from back in the days when IDEA wasn't so great about not modifying the project/module files, causing a lot of extra noise in version control. My solution was to simply not keep the project/module file in CVS/SVN at all.

So, is there a way to turn this new "feature" off? The really strange thing is that when I did a "SVN Update Project", IDEA updated ALL the projects, presumably since the other project/module files were visible to the currently-open project. Yuck.

What am I doing wrong?




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