"Check out to" dialog misleading

Is it just me or is the checkout wizard misleading in its display of where the checked out files will be placed for CVS module aliases?

Suppose you have a CVS module alias called "all_things" that is defined to check out "thing1, thing2, thing3" in the CVS modules file. After you select "all_things" from the list of CVS elements to check out, then select the directory called c:\thing_src, then click Next. On the next screen you'll see two options for checkout location:

If the first option is selected, only the first module of the alias will be checked out and it will be dumped directly into c:\thing_src which I can't imagine ever being useful and which prevents other modules from being checked out in that same directory until you clean it up on the filesystem.

If the second option is selected, the modules will not be checked out to c:\thing_src\all_things as indicated, but rather you'll get three directories: c:\thing_src\thing1, c:\thing_src\thing2, and c:\thing_src\thing3. This is probably always the desired behavior in this case, but the options in the dialog make it very hard to tell what is going to happen.

IDEA knows the difference between module aliases and true CVS modules, so I don't see why they can't be treated differently on this dialog box. If the first option must be there for some reason I'm not considering when checking out a module, then that's fine, otherwise it should be removed. It would be very helpful and much more accurate if the second option were changed to something more like c:\thing_src\* or as is done when multiple modules are selected (although reading module alias data doesn't seem so reliable in IDEA):

Just a thought. Let me know if some of you have the same problem before I put this up on JIRA.



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