Commit Project - Cool features but minor issues

Starting with build 828 IDEA the "Commit Project" dialog shows files that are not added to CVS (yet).
I think this is a cool feature and I have been missing it already.
Also the possibility to set CVS ignores is quite new.

Here are some minor issues I have found:
- The brown color is not explained in the legend
- I think the left view of each added files should display something like "(no version)" for new files. At first I thought there was a bug that made IDEA wanting to check in class files instead of java files.
- When I tell IDEA to "Ignore" files, it creates .cvsignore files, which is great. However there is no way to edit CVS ignores. There should be something similar to "Edit Default Excludes" for ignored files: "Edit Ignored Files"
- Also "Ignore / Unignore (?)" should be in the context menu in the project view.
- "Rollback Changes" should be "Delete local copy" for files that are not under version control.
- "cvsignore" extension should be registered by default for text files.
- if an extension is not registered then "Edit source" should be disabled both in the context menu and tool bar.
- refresh is not working correctly when the ignored file set changes while the dialog is open:
The local copy of my ".cvsignore" file contained an additional directory. I rolled back this change and although IDEA seemed to rescan, the directory was not added to the dialog.

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Also ignored files should not be rendered brown in project view?! Maybe dark grey?


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