JBoss 4.2 binding

Hello, fellow developers!

Of of the new features of JBoss 4.2.0 is that it will not bind to any address by default, it is binding to localhost/ only. To change this default setting a parameter should be provided to startup script. Like run.bat -c default -b

But whenever I change the startup script parameters in IDEA Startup/Connection tab for JBoss from default to the same plus -b I cannot deploy any modules to JBoss or stop JBoss correctly. The module deployment status remains unknown.

Is there any way to configure that properly?


PS: I'm using IDEA 7.0M1a

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Serge from JetBrains suggested to modify run.bat script to include binding there. I wish it could be done directly from IDEA, but it's OK :)

It worked fine. Thanks!


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