Hotswap and Tomcat: Tomcat Undeploys Context on reload (Sorry if repost)


(Thought I posted this, but I don't see it on the forum...)

Any tips on getting Tomcat to stop doing an 'Undeploy Context' when I am debugging and I compile? I have searched this forum and tried some different settings, based on what I found, but still no dice.

I have it set right now to:
Compiler | NEVER deploy after compile,
Debugger | ALWAYS for reload after compile

I checked the Tomcat config files, and there are no 'reload' tags at all. Should I add one and set it to no?

Tomcat 5.5, JVM 1.5.0_06 IntelliJ 4.5

Any tips?

Thank you

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Ugh. How did this wind up in 'Documentation'? I meant to put it in 'Community!'



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