Open in browser keyboard shortcut simplified

I have 1-n number of browsers setup ready to open current html. I understand that option f2 opens a context menu to select the browser by down/up arrow. In order to do f2 on my MacBook I have to hold "fn" key so it takes 2 hands.

It is a lot of work and much easier to just reach for the mouse.UNLESS I can bind different keys for this job, how do you think about:
Option+1 for the first listed browser
Option+2 for the second listed browser
Option+n for the nth listed browser.

How can I implement a simple as such objective?

Thaank you

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You can assign a different shortcut to this action in Preferences/Keymap/Plug-ins/HTML Tools/Web Preview...

But there is no way to assign a different shortcut to each browser in the list

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OK. Please put it on the wish list :)

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Please feel free to file a request for this feature to youtrack,


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