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Hi -

Perhaps the solution is so simple no one has ever bothered to write a faq page, but I would like consise directions for upgrading from PhpStorm 9.x to PhpStorm 10.x.

I have many configurations I want to retain (git, xdebug etc..) so I do not simply want to blow out one installation and overwrite it with another.

I ran some searches and the only page I can find describes upgrading from one 3.x version to another. Every place else I see states to delete the 9.x installation and unzip the new 10.x installation.


Mark C

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Hi there,

As I understand you are on Linux?

That's correct -- those "just unzip into fresh folder" instructions are for actual IDE code. All your settings will be preserved:
1) IDE wide settings are stored in different folders for each major version .. so once you launch new version it will ask what to do (import existing settings or start from fresh)
2) Project settings are stored together with actual project (.idea subfolder). You need to back up it if you plan to go back using older IDE version (structure of project settings gets upgraded/changes with each new version so they are not 100% backward compatible when dowgrading; but new version can easily read older projects)

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Here are the folders that IDE uses to store IDE-wide settings (in case if you need them).

If you choose to import settings from older version on first launch .. IDE will download & install fresh plugins versions. Some plugins may not be compatible with newer version (no longer maintained / not yet updated etc) so you may need to uninstall them manually if they will be causing problems (e.g. prevent IDE from launching).


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