How/Where do I download the OS X non-custom-jdk-bundled versions now?

Hey all,

The new Jetbrains website is pretty nice! BUT, where the heck do you download the non-custom-jdk-bundled versions for OS X now? The only OS X download option (big blue button) is the versions with jdk bundled into the app. (The custom jdk version has always run stupidly slow for me)

If you go to 'Previous Versions' (, version 9.x is the highest available (but 10.x is the current version).



Hi there,

General suggestion: click to download and copy the link of the file (once download will start). Then just edit the file name in URL to get desired version. Worked last time.

For example:


Thanks! For anyone else stumbling across this. When you click 'Download' here: you're taken to a new page, and on that page there is a 'Direct Link' URL which Andriy Bazanov is referring to. Removing the '-custom-jdk-bundled' part does work!


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