riotjs .tag syntax highlighting

Does anyone happen to know if there is any syntax highlighting available for riotjs tag files in webstorm, or if there are any plans for there to be?


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No, there is no way to do this. Please feel free to file a request for Riot framework support to youtrack ( to let other users vote for it, so that we can see the actual demand for this feature.

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just keep your custom tags in html files and use "--ext html" to compile them

     <p>Something great<p>

          var self = this;

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Or, you could assign the *.tag extension to HTML in Settings->Editor->File Types 

Select HTML from the "Recognized File Types" list (top panel), then add a new item in the "Registered Patterns" list (the second panel) by clicking the "+" button on the right (in the second panel).


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