Database Sync: and 1 duplicate reports


I created a new mysql database connection to my local XAMPP MySQL Server. After filling in all the required data, I clicked "Test Connection" and the connection was successful. After saving the connection, PhpStorm automatically synced the connection but no table was shown and the message "MySQL - DB@localhost: and 1 duplicate reports" appears in the Database log.

When I use the Database Console, I can execute querys and read content out of the database but the sync is not possible. Because of this I always get the "unable to resolve the table"-messages.

What went wrong and how can I fix it?

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I have a similar issue. My project has three databases stored which have all worked properly previously SInce the most recent update (I think) I have found that only one of them can be browsed in the database pane and he others can not be expanded. I get the "duplicate reports" error too. I've modified one of the tables in the database I can see but the expanded version doesn't show the new feld even after synchronise and disconnect/reconnect. Strangely if i open the table itself I can see the new field and it's data!


Duplicate the database connection and delete the original one. Everything goes back to behaving the way it should!

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Same issue with IntellijIdea 15.0.2
Datasources duplication, recreation and cache invalidatation didn't help. In any combination. 14 version worked like a charm.


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