phpStorm Corrupt my files ?

Hi, i have a serious issue.

On my laptop, phpstorm decided to corrupt my php file. If a make a new php script on my desktop computer with phpStorm (10.02) and i upload it on my server it Works !!. But If a take this file with a flash drive and open it on my phpStorm laptop, just edit one character and undo to save again the file (To go back to the original), the file looks good, but on the server it doesnt work. When i download this laptop version on my desktop the file is written in just one line instead of multiple lines like in the original.

I have noticed when i open the file on my laptop i have double line break ! Strange. I'm real stuck in my work, i appreciate any help. Thanks

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Hi there,

On first look it looks similar to this forum thread and this corresponding ticket:

In short: it coul dbe related to the specific configuration of your FTP server (that somehow makes double line breaks even in binary mode) .. although it's not 100% confirmed.

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It's realy hard to find the guilty ...

If i copy my laptop file on my desktop its does not seem corrupt but it have the famous double return line. :/

When i meet the problem for the firt time, Php Storm had forgotten all Settings. Projet liste, Customization, DataBase connection and Ftp connection.


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