Change logo and icon to old one?

Why you guys always change logo in new version this is bit annoying because nothing else really changes other than that.
I understand its marketing and stuff but i like consistency i am used to v8 logo now how can i reverse it?

I used ResHacker tool to swap icons and logo in phpStorm.exe and it works, shows custom icon in internet explorer and custom logo on start.
However once program starts half way it switches logo to the new v10 logo again and icon in taskbar and program header is v10 also, where does it load those if not from main executable?

What file dll or file i need to edit to customize to replace them?

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Okay found it myself its in the <installation dir>/lib/resources_en.jar open it with WinRar or similar then inside there's folder called "artwork" with images for logo and icons that show after phpStorm loads.

webide_logo.png and webide_logo@2x.png are logo
images start with webide are icons that show in takbar and program title

just photoshop and put back it archive, works like charm.


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