[Windows 10] Blurry fonts only on external monitor

I'm in the process of moving from dual-screen desktop to laptop & external screen, and thanks to Windows 10 I'm having great difficulties with display scaling across various apps, but especially PHPStorm (10.0.2) with monitors of different resolutions / densities.

The main display is a MBP running Windows 10 and is 2560 x 1600 @ 175%, with the external monitor 1920 x 1080 @ 100%.

  • When PS is on the laptop monitor, it looks pin sharp (but in reality is too small to use for coding)
  • Move it to the external monitor, and it goes blurry. Not just the IDE text, but all labels.
  • If I disable display scaling then it looks pin sharp on both monitors, but all text is HUGE on the external monitor

I've also tried various options such as:

  • Togglng the override for Default Fonts in Settings > Appearance
  • Making the external monitor the main monitor (which has worked in the past for other apps)
  • Trying to open PHPStorm on one monitor first (no effect)

Whatever I try seems to be a tradeoff - one will look fine but the other will look awful.

Is there a solution to this? I'm about to throw the laptop out the window and go back to my desktop!



Thanks, I added my thoughts there.

Although JetBrains will ultimately be responsible for making this work, very, very few of my Windows apps seem to work on a mixed DPI screen setup. It's extremely disheartening!

FWIW, anyone else reading this - the setup I have found DOES work for me is to disable my laptop screen and run TWO 1920x1080 screens, that way there's no mix of DPIs to f*** everything up and it's like working on a desktop.

Meanwhile, JetBrains, many developers would be very grateful if you would please still attend to this issue!


I am having the same problem with WebStorm and it drives me crazyyyyy.

I am using Surface pro 4 (2736*1824 200% scaling) and 2 external monitors with 1920*1200 100%.

it shows pretty good on the surface screen but blurry on the external monitors.



It looks I managed to fix it in Windows 10.

Go to the shortcut of IntelliJ > Right click > Properties > Compatibility tab.

The Settings section shows a checkbox "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Check or activate it.

There you go. This fixed it for me.


I have same problem that @Ning and @Dave.

@Zeroshcr if I check "Disable display scaling" the IntelliJ in the external monitor (1920x1080) looks huge :(

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Currently, there's nothing much you can do about that, unfortunately. The issue posted by Elena is the key - please vote if you haven't done this yet.


For what it's worth, intellij will look sharp on the primary monitor active at the time of windows sign-in (on windows 10). So, you can get it to look sharp on any monitor, but you need to sign out, use windows+P to change which monitor is the active one, and then sign in again. Additionally, it may be necessary to switch font sizes to match the screen's dpi. It's a pain, but a good enough workaround in my case.


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