Symbolic Links on Deployment server

Hey all.

I am using PhpStorm 10.0.2 against Deployment Server. I develop extensions in Joomla and to make a long story short, a component in Joomla has 2 different locations due to the architecture in Joomla.

I am using git, so I concluded that the only way to keep a consistent git history for a component, was to symlink the component into 1 directory to share the git-history.

But everytime I try to synchronize it tells me that it does not support recursive links.

I cannot say if it is the "remote"-connection that causes the problem or if the IDE itself does not support symlinks, but it does not work :(

Is it me that is doing something wrong or perhaps missing a settings?

If only Joomla had a different architecture regarding components, this would not be a problem. But this is how it is :(

Thanks for helping out guys. And happy new year. :)



Symbolic links are not currently supported by deployment - see and linked tickets


Is there any plan to add symlink support in the near future? That would be very helpful.


All the information is collected in the YouTrack report linked above. Unfortunately there was no progress as of yet.


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