Coming from Netbeans, what is the role and importance of a Run Configuration?

Hi everyone,
In Netbeans, the Run Configuration lets you specify the index file, and the server that runs the file (Local/php bundled/remote i.e. FTP) and the Browser. You set those and you are good to go. Clicking on Run will start the Browser with the selected index file of the project. Individual files can be "run" by selecting Run File which will start the browser with the current file opened instead of the index file. In case the Run Configuration is set to a remote server, the files are first transferred and then opened in the browser.

I am trying to figure out the equivalent in PhpStorm.

  1. When a new project is created, It comes with no default run configuration. Is it possible to set up a default run configuration that all Projects will use ?
  2. What should the Run Configuration type of the project that i need to select to run the project using the php bundled server ?  Is it PHP in built-in Web server ?
  3. If I need the files to be uploaded onto a remote server to run them, then what is run configuration type that needs to be selected ? Will the files be uploaded automatically when I hit Run or do I need to upload them using the Deployment options before run ? What do I need to do have them uploaded autmoatically before run ?
  4. Whenever a new Php file is created, it comes with no default run configuration.. So does each file require its own run configuration to run them( like the netbeans version of running a file) ? How do i just view the current output of the newly created file in broswer in a click ?
  5. Is "Open in Browser" the way to "Run" a single file ? If so then what is the purpose of the Run option for individual files ?
  6. What does "Open in Browser" exactly do ? Will it just ignore the Run configuration for the project and just run it on a local server ?
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1.'Default' run configurations (Run | Edit configurations... | Defaults) are just templates for run configurations that can be used for  specifying parameters/variables/etc. for new configurations. For example, if you like all new run configurations of certain type to have some environment variables, paths, etc. preconfigured, you need editing the corresponding default configuration. But default configurations can't be executed directly, you need creating a new configuration instance explicitly by pressing '+' (Alt+Insert).
Non-empty projects created from templates can have some configurations pre-added. If you like to create a new template project with certain run configurations, you need developing a plugin. See, for example

2. yes. See

3. there are no special run configurations for this. Some run configurations (like PHP Web Application) have 'Upload files to remote host' action available in 'Before launch' section. See

4. yes, it requires its own configuration. You can use Run action in .php file right-click menu to either run as a php script or preview in browser; another option is 'Open in browser' in right-click menu;

5. see above. Note that 'open in browser' just allows to preview the file in browser, whereas the created run configuration can also be used for debugging it; plus, run configuration allows to configure URL, etc., and Open in browser will always open file either on built-in web server or on default project web server configured in Deployment preferences


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