phpStorm command line command points to wrong project

i'm quite new with laravel and composer. I've made a project previously and that works like a expected. Now i've started a brand new project 'bloemenn' in phpstorm choose composer project for type and installed laravel. When i run the project i see the welcome page of laravel. So far so good
But now i'm trying to make a controller with the command line tool but every command i execute points to my very first directory project i ever made. So the controls are made but in the wrong directory.
so when i execute following command in phpstorm for project bloemenn:
Artisan make:controller indexController
i get following result:
/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.6.7/bin/php /Users/u-123/project-test/laravel/artisan make: indexController
so the controller is made in project laravel instead of directory of project bloemenn
Anyone have any idea how i can fix this, i have this issue for every new composer project i start up?

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