Project Specific PHP & HTML headers refuse to work (PhpStorm)


I recently install PhpStorm, however I am unable to get the 'Editor' tab under 'Settings' to co-operate.

Firstly, if I change to the 'Project' schema (under a project, not from the main menu) and change my PHP and HTML headers to display some information about the project, these changes are applied to the whole IDE.  This is something NetBeans offers and I was expecting PhpStorms version to do the same thing.

Secondly, I want to apply changes to the code structure thoughout all Projects in the IDE however, when I click 'Apply' a new scheme is created called 'Default (1)', it would appear I am unable to make changes to the default schema.

Very disppointed overall with PhpStorm, I really do prefer NetBeans, espeically the hefty Price tag on PhpStorm considering it's functionallity is not up to the scratch of NetBeans.

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1. By headers, do you mean header comments in Settings/Editor/File and Code Templates? Did you choose 'Project' schema in 'Schema' dropdown to have your templates saved to your .idea folder? Note that you need to select the schema prior to editing templates


2. yea, there is no way you can change defaults - they are hardcoded. But  the customized schema (Default(1) or whatever you have called it) is  available to all projects and is active (chosen) for any new project by  default. So what's the problem?

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Thanks for the response.  Yes, I'm referring to the 'File and Code Templates', I have checked and double chcked I have selected the 'Project' schema before editing the templates and clicking 'Apply', however when I click 'New Project' the headers from the existing project are copied (and since I create my own file 'HTML File Header.html', on creating a HTML file, the error 'Could not find 'HTML File Header.html' is diplayed, or something of the like as the HTML File Header.html is stored in the .idea folder).

With regards to code style thats no problem, thanks for clarification!

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Just tested this.  There appears to be an issue with setting the defaults.  I changed the local project headers then exited the project before creating a new project and entering it.  It would appear that to change the 'File and Code Templates' defaults, you simply need to close the new project and open the one with the edited templated.  All your projects will now use this project's 'File and Code Templates' as opposed to the defaults.

Edit: to put this more simply.  Opening a project with edited 'File and Code Templates' project schema, results in the defaults changing for all projects.


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